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Breed:Maine Coon Kittens
Age:7 Mths
Updated on:12/19/2018
Contact Info
Name:Luciana N.
Location:Tallahassee, FL 32301
Duke is a beautiful male he is big curious and smart Born 10.19.18 is ready to go home 12.19.18. If you dont know about Maine Coon cats google them They grow to be really big cats with great dog like personalities. Our mama cat weighed 19.9 pounds before she had her kittens. Our daddy cat was 22 pounds at 14 months. They grow for 3 years and live to be 15-17 years old. We imported the parents of this litter GoldenTownCoon Charry and WildBeautyCoon`s Anrick from Russia where the Maine Coons are just bigger and more extreme. This is our first Russian litter and the kittens are gorgeous. In the photos the bigger kittens and cats are photos of the parents and is what your kitten should grow up to look like. All kittens are placed at 8 weeks old with all shots and testing and health guarantee. They have an excellent pedigree Many champions and are registred in TICA. Call or text me for more information videos and photos. We live in North Florida and after the kittens have had their first shots you can come meet them. We are experienced shippers and can ship kittens nationwide the ship cost will be $200.00 for Florida delivery ask for us because the prices of delivery will be low than $200.00 depends of the region of Florida State. For more information contact me. Afonso