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Breed:Persian Kittens
Age:11 Mths
Website:View Website
Updated on:11/20/2017
Contact Info
Name:Pennys P.
Location:Atkinson, NC 28421
Sold but we currently have kittens just like her that are 8 weeks old. CFA Registered gorgeous Sealpoint Himalayan kitten Francine who will look very much like her Momma when she matures. Her Mom is Mia and you can see her photo on our website www.pennyspersians.com under the Our Kittens Parents tab. The kittens are NEVER CAGED and get so much attention that they are truly lap cats although they are very active and love to play. Francine has very blue eyes and she will be a stunner when mature. She will look like her daddy Jude. See photo number 3. She already has his unique curly whiskers. We invite visitors to our home to meet the kittens with advance notice.