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Newborn Golden kittens - $1900 - $2200

Breed:Scottish Fold Kittens
Age:2 Weeks
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Updated on:2/25/2018
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Name:Miza P.
Location:Orlando, FL 34747
The kittens are young now but you may see the kittens parents and previous kittens.  Reservation available  One kitten is a rare copper color has nicely folded ears - $2200.  The other 2 boys are $1900 each.     Please also see the video of the golden cat family https//youtu.be/4os3XbBaCv8 These golden kittens are available to a new loving home Mid April. .  Kitten can go to a new home by law and receive health certificate once they are 2 months old but I recommend to wait till they are at least 2.5 - 3 months old.     Our kittens are born and raised in a open family home where the kittens gets lots of attention and becomes very friendly and communicative with others.  The kitten is litter trained and has a cuddly and playful personality. Our kittens come to their new homes eating solid foods and having good manners.   INCLUDED   Florida State Certified Health Certificate.  First immunization feline Rhinotracheitis Calici Panleukopenia Chlamydia Psittaci and feline Leukemia.  De-wormings and flea regiment.   We also offer 1 year genetic health guarantee for an extra 20 of kittens price.      Cattery TICA registered.   Reserving a kitten is a $200-300 deposit that can send via Paypal or Venmo.  Kittens can be shipped with United Cargo for $215.  Paid directly to the Air company.   Vet travel document with your info and special travel carrier is $100.  You can pay for vet over the phone or through me.  If you already own a travel carrier you can ship it to me to use.   If you buy more than 1 get a discount of 10.  Website  www.britishscottishkittens.com  highly recommended on desktop Youtube  https//www.youtube.com/channel/UCxBENO8Q1MdIgMBqEupL7hQ Phone  text preferred 347-855-9482 Facebook  https//www.facebook.com/Adorable-Stars-1278637368851487/ Instagram   https//www.instagram.com/adorable_stars__/   We also invite you to come and visit the kittens. If you are unable I can also Facetime with you and show you the kittens life.