Color point Kitten Breed

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Color point Cat Breed

Color point Cat Breed

This is the breed into which American cat registries put the red and tabby based color varieties which are recognized as full Siamese in Britain, the tabbies usually being known in the USA as lynx points. Following Siamese type, this is a medium size, refined and svelte cat with long tapering lines, very lithe but muscular. The head wedge forms an approximately equilateral triangle with no break at the whiskers. When the whiskers are smoothed back the underlying bone structure is apparent. Point markings are as for the Siamese: legs, tail, ears and face mask, which shouldn’t extend over the top of the head or on to the neck but should be linked by lines to the ears. Lynx points should have typical tabby markings on the mask, ears with paler 'thumb' marks, barred legs and a ringed tail with a dark tip. Torte points ideally have the points uniformly mottled. In both lynx and tortie allowance is made for ghost striping or mottling on the body, especially in older cats. This breed should not be confused with the Color points, point-marked longhaired cats which are the British equivalent of what some American registration bodies call the Himalayan

Medium size, long and svelte; a combination of fine bones and firm muscles. Shoulders and hips continue sleek lines of a tubular body; hips never wider than shoulders, abdomentight. Legs long and slim, hind legs higher than front; paws dainty, small and oval; tailing, thin and tapering to a point.

Long tapering wedge, medium size, in proportion to body; total wedge starts atones and flares out in straight lines to the tips of the ears.

Almond-shaped, slanting towards the nose in harmony with the lines of the wedge-shaped head and ears; deep vivid blue.

Short, fine textured, glossy, lying close to body.

Siamese type point markings on pale body colors in red, cream; lynx (tabby) patterned points in seal, chocolate, blue, lilac red and cream; tortie pat-terns in seal, chocolate, blue-cream and lilac-cream; tortie-lynx points in seal, chocolate, blue-cream and lilac-cream.

Color point Cat Breed

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