Available Stud Cats by Breed

Discover our selection of stud cats available for breeding, organized by breed at Felines4Us.

Click on a breed to view all available studs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your queen. Our list includes a variety of breeds, offering a comprehensive overview to meet your specific requirements. Learn more about our commitment to healthy breeding practices and how we can assist you in the selection process.

'A' Breeds
Abyssinian 1
'B' Breeds
British Shorthair 6
'C' Breeds
'D' Breeds
Devon Rex 1
'E' Breeds
Exotic Shorthair 1
'F' Breeds
'G' Breeds
'H' Breeds
Himalayan 3
'I' Breeds
'J' Breeds
'K' Breeds
'L' Breeds
LaPerm 1
'M' Breeds
Maine Coon 1
'N' Breeds
Norwegian Forest Cat 1
'O' Breeds
Oriental 1
'P' Breeds
Persian 7
'Q' Breeds
'R' Breeds
Ragdoll 1
'T' Breeds
'U' Breeds
'V' Breeds
'W' Breeds
'X' Breeds
'Y' Breeds
'Z' Breeds


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