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Thank you for visiting Felines4Us.com. We are dedicated to connecting people who want to buy registered cats or kittens with sellers and breeders. The breeders listed on our site are truly second to none. From hobby breeders to professional breeders, they are all responsible when breeding their cats. Within our site, you will find such cool sections as stud cat listings, and our unique Cat Chat. This is where you can talk about any cat topic online, and instantly receive a reply from one of our fellow site members.

As enthusiastic cat lovers ourselves, our goal is to build a community where cat lovers from everywhere can gather. By looking over our website you will see that we not only have many listings of kittens and cats for sale, but educational sections as well. This is where you go to find out all about other breeds of cats. We have included adorable color photos of each breed as well.

We understand that not everyone adores cats as much as we do, and that's another reason we have developed this website. It can be so frustrating when your cat does something so cute, outrageous or just incredibly smart and you have no one to share that with. Our Cat Chat offers a place to talk about your cat with others, or ask questions regarding your cat. Someone will also have an answer or just be happy to trade cat stories with you. Before you know it, you will be chatting away with many of our other members. These are the people who will WANT to hear your cat tales, and will also have many of their own to share.

To make things even easier, joining our site is so easy! It just takes a few minutes to register, and you are on your way to connecting with other cat lovers.

If you are trying to add to your feline family, be sure to check out our Kittens for Sale section for your location. We also offer a section for Stud Cats if you wish to breed your lovely female cat.

We are also very interested in seeing your special cat. Visit our Cat Photo Contest page to enter that adorable picture of YOUR cat. You can enter your cat's picture at the beginning of the month.

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