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Searching for a breeder specializing in your preferred cat breed? Felines4Us presents an extensive list of cat breeders by breed.

Our directory helps you navigate the search for the perfect breeder, offering insights into each breeder's expertise, location, and available cats. From Persians to Siamese, Maine Coons to Bengals, find knowledgeable breeders who prioritize health, temperament, and breed standards. Join our community and ensure your journey to find a new feline friend is both successful and rewarding.

'C' Breeds
Cornish Rex 5
'D' Breeds
Desert Lynx 1 Devon Rex 10
'E' Breeds
Egyptian Mau 4 Elf 1 Exotic Shorthair 30
'F' Breeds
'G' Breeds
'H' Breeds
Highland Lynx 2 Himalayan 40
'I' Breeds
'J' Breeds
'K' Breeds
Korat 1
'L' Breeds
LaPerm 3
'M' Breeds
Maine Coon 29 Manx 3 Munchkin 7
'O' Breeds
Ocicat 2 Oriental 5
'P' Breeds
Persian 107 Pixie-Bob 1
'Q' Breeds
'R' Breeds
Ragamuffin 2 Ragdoll 53
'U' Breeds
'V' Breeds
'W' Breeds
'X' Breeds
'Y' Breeds
'Z' Breeds

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