Balinese Cat Breeders

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traditional balinese
TCA registeredtraditional Balinese kittens. healthy beautifulloving....
Applehead Traditional Balinese Kittens For Sale
I have been breeding these majestic cats since 2003. I am located in Northern California but I do ship my cats all over the country. My kittens are sold ...
A small balinese breeder i North West of Norway
We are a small balinese breed i North West Coast of Norway. All the cats stay with us as family members. I have one kitten for sale at the moment....
BaliChaton Traditional Balinese
We breed for the more traditional cat and breed them only for the 2 most traditional colors bluepoint and seal point. They are hand raised and are very lo...
Island Blues Traditional Balinese Siamese
We brought our family of traditional Siamese and Balinese from the US to the UK about 1 year ago. We have only a few litters each year raised in our midst...