Singapura Kitten Breed

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Singapura Cat Breed

Singapura Cat Breed

The Singapura was developed by an American breeder from cats she discovered in Singapore and took back to the United States, where a careful breeding pro-gramme developed a breed that found acceptance. The muscular-bodied Singapura is of medium size with noticeably large eyes, not less than an eye-width apart, and deeply cupped, medium set ears with their outer lines extending upward at an angle slightly wide of parallel. Body and legs should form a square with the ground; the mid-section should be firm and not tucked in. The close-lying coat tends to be longer in kittens; it should not be springy. The sepia color of the coat is produced by dark brown ticking on a warm old ivory ground color, with light bands next to the skin and dark tips. The muzzle, chin, chest and stomach are the color of unbleached muslin. There is barring on thinner front legs and back knee only, but a dark line along the spine is not a fault, and the tail has a dark tip which extends back towards the body on the upper side. Nose leather is pale to dark salmon but must be outlined with dark brown, with dark brown eye rims and lips.

Small to medium size, stockyard muscular, set on heavy legs tapering to small oval paws; tail medium long with a blunt tip.

Rounded with a medium length muzzle, blunt nose, strong chin and definite whisker break and large, slightly pointed ears. In profile the rounded skull shows slight stop well below the level of the eyes.

Large and almond-shaped, hazel green or yellowing color.

Short and fine, with at least two bands of ticking.

Sepia agouti only.

Singapura Cat Breed

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