Asian Longhair-Tiffany Kitten Breed

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Asian Longhair-Tiffany Cat Breed

Asian Longhair-Tiffany Cat Breed

The Tiffany is the longhaired version of the Burmese cat, some of which appeared in the United States in 1970, but similar semi-longhaired cats have also been produced in Britain as part of the Asian Group breeding programme which produced the Burmilla. In some associations Tiffany applies strictly to those with a Burmese shaded coat but the GCCF, which spells the name Tiffanie, uses it for solid or Burmese restricted coats in a wide range of colors. The CA of Britain recognizes the whole range as Asian Longhairs, with Tiffany used as the name for restricted coat cats within the breed. All the Asian Longhairs have a Burmese conformation, showing the usual differences of a somewhat heavier type in the USA and a lighter boned type in Britain and the rest of Europe. These are reputed to be rather bossy cats, with quite strident voices when they want to get attention.

Compact, medium length and size with an ample rounded chest, back level from shoulder to tail, slender legs, with round toes in the USA, oval in Britain, tail straight and medium long; heavier than it looks.

Rounded on top with wide cheekbones and tapering to a short blunt wedge with a firm chin, all planes are rounded and there is a distinct nose break, eyes well apart, ears broad based with rounded tips and tilting slightly forward; all set on a well-developed neck.

Large and rounded, but GCCF Tiffanies with the upper line a straight oriental slant; color green for all Asian Longhairs other than Tiffany, which are golden; for most Tiffanies any shade of yellow with golden preferred, with green preferred for silvers.

Long, fine, and silky, longer and fuller on tail, breeches and ruff.

Brown (sable), blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, tortie, tabby and tipped versions of theseand all colors of silver.

Asian Longhair-Tiffany Cat Breed

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