Kelskits Silver Golden Persians

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Located in Carlsbad, CA, our small cattery prioritizes the health, personality, and physical appearance of Persian cats. We firmly believe in producing well-adjusted and stunning Persians, emphasizing their health above all else. With a deep commitment to ethical breeding practices, we work tirelessly to ensure our cats find loving forever homes and do not contribute to the overpopulation of pets in shelters and rescues. As an experienced breeder, I am dedicated to educating prospective pet parents on the specific care and health needs of Persian cats. All our sires and dams undergo rigorous health testing to guarantee they are free of genetic disorders like PKD, FeLV, and FIV. Drawing on my background as an Animal Health Technician and collaboration with veterinarians, I provide top-notch medical care for our feline companions. Recently featured on Animal Planet's Too Cute, our cattery proudly introduces the offspring of CH Cherrybirdie Hercules of Kelskits and CH Kelskits Punki. Tune in to the episode Musical Kittens airing on April 5, 2014, at 8:00 pm PST to meet our adorable feline stars: Lily, Rose, and Prince (formerly known as Stanley, Hercules, and Punki). Feel free to reach out with any inquiries – we are here to help you find your purrfect match!

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