Kelskits Silver Golden Persians

Persian Breeders
We are a small cattery focusing on health first personality second and physical appearance third. It is extremely important to have a healthy well adjusted cat with the beauty Persians are well known for. My adventure into the breeding process has opened a door in which there are many important issues involved. I understand that I have an ethical responsibility to not only provide healthy cats but to work on placing them in forever homes and not add to the unwanted high population of pets in shelters and rescues. It is a priority for me to help a prospective pet parent get educated in the care and health issues of a Persian cat. All my sires and dams are tested negative for PKD FeLV FIV PCR tested fecal cultured and I research the previous lines to perform additional testing as needed. During college I was employed in California and Florida as an A.H.T. Animal Health Technician and have an understanding of several health issues. My relationship with several D.V.M.s allows me to learn more every day and provide excellent medical care for my furry friends. I will work on finding the answer to any question you may have. Recently our cattery was filmed by Animal Planet for an episode of Too Cute. The parents of the three kittens are CH Cherrybirdie Hercules of Kelskits and CH Kelskits Punki. The airing date is April 5 2014 @ 800pm pst and titled Musical Kittens. Animal Planet renamed my cats. Hercules AKA King Tut and Punki AKA Mercedes. Two of the kittens turned into girls and were named Lily and Rose. Stanley was named Prince.
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Carlsbad, CA 92010
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