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WhispurHill Cattery Breeding Blue Points Shaded Chinchillas

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WhispurHill Cattery is in Central Northern Indiana. Small breeder breeding a Sire Silver Shaded Chinchilla and Queen Blue Point making some gorgeous silver/blues blue smoke shaded silver and some gorgeous blue points with the most beautiful points of silvery blue. Kittens have big paws most of the time like my chinchilla. Very fluffy and they have a cross between a flat face and doll face since sire and queen both different. Loving home cattery with a very larger screened in outdoor patio and the kittens enjoy their own bedroom complete with nursing area and play gyms. Contracts vet shots and checkups disease free and much more. Comes with care package and handmade kitten blanket. Screening of clients to insure great homes.
Cindy H.
Logansport, IN 46947
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