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Pointed and Solid TICA reg. Kittens

Ragdoll Breeders
Bred to exhibit the famous Ragdoll Flop when being picked up I offer kittens in both the pointed with blue eyes and the solids colored like that of a Maine Coon or Persian with the green/gold eyes. Kittens are raised in-home and under foot and showered with lots of love and attention in order to provide you with the best family pet. I have been breeding since 1982 with my first cats coming from the originator of the breed Ann Baker and I strive to keep her emphasis on large size laid back personality and bunny type fur. All kittens have at least some part of their pedigree going back to these original cats. Kittens are sold from HCM FeLV FIV neg. parents. All are up to date on their vaccinations wormed and their health is guaranteed.
Rovena P.
Spring City, PA 19475