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KrystalBlue Ragdolls - Raising Adorable TICA reg Ragdolls

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We are a small in home Cattery located in Houston Texas. We fell in love with this breed several years ago and now offer Ragdoll kittens to others to experience their magnificent love and loyality that Ragdolls offer. We do not believe in caging and therefore NEVER place any of our pets our family members in cages. We feed holistic food to our cats and offer them several toys furniture and all the love and attention they want. Our cats and kittens live in our home with us and sleep with us at night. We are there to assist the mother cat in delivering her babies provide her extra nutrient during this time and once they are delivered in our room we plenish their area with several blankets to ensure comfort and extra warmth. During nursing time and pregnancy our mother cat is given supplements and special homemade food in addition to her normal food to ensure proper nutrition is provided to her and her babys during this special time. We do not force the kittens to stop being weaned by their mother in fact we feel this is a great bonding experience for the kittens to learn the socilzations skills they need and we have the mother cat wean her kittens off her when she feels they are ready to be completly on hard food and not nursing any logner. Our babies are handled and loved by us from the day there are born to ensure a well socialized friendly loving dog type personality in a beautiful cat. Once they are old enough and litter pan trained they are left out of our bedroom and get the run of the house to play and socialize with children and our family dogs. The usual agenda for our babies is to play eat snuggle and recieve a whole lot of love and affection from us. Our kittens will go to their new familys with their proper vaccinations dewormed health checked by our vet 100 litter trained spayed/neurtered trained to a scratching post/tree and with a 2 year health guarantee. Our kittens will absolutely steal your heart with their beautiful crystal blue eyes huge purring motors soft silky non-matting bunny soft fur and their loving affectionate docile personalities. Feel free to check out my website www.fantasyragdolls.com We love talking about our home raised furbabies so if you would like any information regarding our loving healthy well socialized fur babies feel free to email me or give us a call at 346-313-2470
Bonnie A.
Houston, TX 77073
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