RefinedDemon Peterbald Cattery

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Located in Timisoara, TX, our small cattery specializes in breeding top-quality Petersburg Sphynx, Peterbald, Siamese, and Oriental cats. Each year, we carefully raise only a limited number of litters, ensuring the utmost care and attention for our kittens. Our breeding cats are direct descendants of renowned Russian bloodlines, known for their exceptional health and temperament. Raised with love and socialization, our cats and kittens enjoy free roam throughout our home, receiving ample kisses and affection. If you're seeking a unique and loving companion in the form of a Sphynx or one of our other breeds, look no further than our cattery in Timisoara, TX. Discover the joy of welcoming one of our well-cared-for felines into your home today!

Offered by: T. B. Breeders in Texas

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