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young seal point boy

Breed:Himalayan Cats
Age:1 Yr and 7 Mths
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Updated on:5/26/2018
Contact Info
Name:Lynn A.
Location:Jacksonville, FL 32216
We have a batch of new kittens coming up soon but right now we have something a little different. We are making available an older kitten thats breeder quality for a regular pet price. In addition to Persians we now have a spectacular Himalayan available. This adorable boy is a seal point born on June 21st. His father who was a Grand Champion plus his mother was a champion as well. We are an underfoot cattery where our kittens are home raised and never caged to assure we provide pets that are well socialized and have the best personalities. This particular kitten has already been neutered plus fully checked by a veterinarian where he received his shots for his Florida Health Care certificate. For more information on any of our kittens call us at 904-724-9620 or visit our website at www.inthepinkpersians.com