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Hypoallergenic Siberian kittens from our USDA licensed cattery in Texas.-available @ 12 wks old.

Breed:Siberian Cats
Age:1 Yr and 2 Mths
Website:View Website
Updated on:7/25/2016
Contact Info
Name:Larry M.
Location:Eustace, TX 75124
We have many colors of the hypoallergenic Russian Siberian kittens for sale. They are available almost all of time. They are registered with CFA and TICA and I show in both organizations and are USDA licensed. Please visit the website to see what is currently available and the prices are posted on each photo. They are affordable and we do not charge extra for show quality kittens. We offer pet pricing for exceptional kittens and sometimes discounted kittens are available. I also offer several discounts. Please no that the hypoallergenic quality is not effective on every human being but in my case it has been 98 successful. I do offer a money back guarantee on this. Testing at my home is ok. I ship anywhere and offer personal delivery. I also offer the worlds best cat food and you can order it off of my site even if you do not get a kitten from me. Check out the links and compare what you are using. It is delivered to your door PLEASE note that there are many scammers trying to sell kittens on this site. Ask if they have a website that is NOT under construction ask for a phone number and a verifiable address and anything else that you can. Check out the language used on the ads. Bad English is often a flag. Cheap often means its too good to be true and you may be scammed. You can also check my scam page by logging onto my cat site. Do not be a victim because you want a kitten so badly that you do not check out the source of the deal. They have even stolen my photos and tried to sell them as their own cats. If they ask for Western Union its probably a scam. Be careful and if you are able to find a reputable breeder whether its one of my cats or someone elses you will LOVE your Siberian.