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My Breeder Listing Cold Spring Siberians is a federal and state registered small in-home cattery. We raise our kittens underfoot and in a cage free environment. They are highly socialized with children including a young child with Down Syndrome and given plenty of love and attention. Our Siberians are registered with both TICA and CFA to insure the highest level of breed standards. We are not casual “hobby” or back yard breeders. We are dedicated to breeding healthy hypoallergenic social and loving Siberian cats. Our breeding cats are tested for PKD FIV/FeLV and will soon be tested for HCM. Our Siberian cats are from strong traditional no color-point genetically sound and HCM free championship bloodlines. We are committed to the Siberian Forest Cat breed. We also try to attend as many TICA/CFA cat shows as we can in the area to have more people meet and fall in love with this incredible breed and also to improve our breeding practices. Most of all our Siberian Cats are our loving pets first and with them we are able to share the joys of cat ownership with so many families who suffer with cat allergies. If you have allergies you might find a wonderful pet with the Siberian Cat. We do ask potential new homes with cat allergies to do fur testing with parents of our litters. Most allergy sufferers have no issue with the Siberian Cat but we would not want to put a family and kitten through the heart break of needing to be re-homed. Siberian kittens are all sold by written purchase contract. $950.00 for males and $1050.00 for females. Plus a 6 KY sales tax if it applies. This DOES INCLUDE the spaying/neutering surgeries a 2 year genetic health guarantee all kitten shots and veterinarian treatments/evaluations up to date a goodie bag/basket that contains various supplies toys gifts copies of both parents pedigrees photos and health record. It also includes the papers to be able to register with kitten with the CFA and TICA. We do offer a discount if you buy a second kitten from us now or at a later date. We will meet ½ way with any kitten when it is time for them to go to their new home and we also offer a courier service that will deliver any kitten to his new family at your local airport. The cost of this is currently $350 for most trips. We do NOT ship kittens cargo They ride in cabin with a loving pet friendly carrier and she will bring them directly out to your car curbside at the airport. You can check us out on our website at www.ColdSpringSiberians.com Or call us at 859 – 429 – 2280
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