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With its name, one can easily tell the distinct feature of an American Curl cat. It has unique ears that are curled backward, away from its round head with quite noticeable muzzle. It is a product of continuous cat mutation in the United States. During the first few weeks, the ears of American Curl kittens may appear to be straight but as it grows older, the ears will naturally be curled back and the intensity of the curl may vary. Its sensitive ears should be cleansed regularly and cautiously to get rid of possible infections and to avoid harming the sensitive cartilages.

American Curl is a medium-sized cat that can either be long-haired or short-haired. It has soft, smooth and shiny coats that vary with colors and patterns. Its tail is adorned with its classy and lengthy fur. This breed of cats needs at least 2 to 3 years to fully grow and mature. But even in adulthood, it will remain very playful and energetic. It is good in socializing with others. American Curl observes and recognizes seniority when brought to a new environment. It shows respect to those who have been there longer. These are the perfect reasons to make American Curl kittens for sale here as your pets. However, American Curl enjoys the spotlight. It would love to be the center of you attraction and attention. It will do acts just to be noticed.

Cats in this breed are usually healthy and in good shape. They also do not shred that much which means that you do not have to worry when it comes to its grooming. Taking care of it will be so easy as long as you know how to make your American Curl pleased. If you want a curled-ear pet, remember that American Curl kittens are for sale here.

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