American Shorthair Kittens for Sale

If you want a cat who can be with you for extra more years, compared to other cats, then an American Shorthair is the best choice for you. The American Shorthair kittens for sale here are ready to be your long-term buddy.

American Shorthair is a native cat that can live up to 15 years and even longer. With proper care which includes vaccinations, once in a while grooming, monitoring of its weight, and of course your quality time, this low maintenance cat can surely stay with you for several years. They are very caring and adorable, especially the American Shorthair kittens which are for sale here. It is naturally healthy and strong and it is one of the widely-seen cats in the United States.

With its well-built body– firm, brawny, and powerful, it can be considered as a little hunter. It is more of a working cat rather than an athletic cat. Its reflexes are good and reliable and its sturdy appearance can give a feeling of security. American Shorthair loves to observe and watch others, usually by the windowpane. They can gaze charmingly with their eyes, which can be in different colors like blue, copper and hazel. On the other hand, they can be serene and frisky at the same time. While some cats are very clingy, American Shorthair will not demand much of your attention but it can be moody. At times, it will be very playful with you but other times it will just choose to play alone. With its lifespan and temperament, American Shorthair cats are suitable for single people. But, they can also deal well with the rest of the family.

American Shorthair cat, obviously, have only short coat though the male American Shorthair is evidently bigger than the female one. Their coat is short but thick to serve as protection. It becomes extra thicker and longer during the cool season. An extra brushing of their coat is recommended. Their coat can be in more than 8 shades starting from single color to tricolors. It can also be in different patterns.

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