Balinese Kittens for Sale

The Balinese cat is also known as purebred long-haired Siamese for it came from the bloodline of Siamese cats through a mutation. It can be classified into two types – traditional and modern. Known for its wedge-shaped face and long muzzle, modern Balinese has broader ears and longer body. On the other hand, the traditional Balinese has a wider head and a more durable body.

Balinese kittens which are for sale here are born untainted, usually white or cream, but as they grow, their color become more evident. Frequently, the color will be most visible after four weeks. If you have a Balinese and you are in a place where the weather is much warmer, expect to have a lighter-colored Balinese. If weather can affect the color of Balinese’s coat, diet can affect the color of its eyes which ranges from pale blue to violet.

Aside from its very cultured appearance that will surely make you want it, its temperament will make you love it more. Balinese is a very sensitive cat in a way that they can sense what you are feeling. If it felt that you are feeling down, upset, sad, or depressed, expect that it will linger and play with you to cheer you up. Compared to other cats, Balinese can easily be more attached. If you want a clingy pet, check the Balinese kittens for sale here. If they are at the hype of their mood, you do not just prepare your lap but also your shoulders because it will definitely crawl up. Since it is considered as one of the smartest cats in its breed, Balinese can easily learn tricks. They can also communicate with you through its very cute and lovely voice.

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