Burmilla Kittens for Sale

Are you dreaming to have both Persian and Burmese kittens but can afford only one? This is not a problem because we have the most suitable breed available for you. With our Burmilla kittens for sale, you can have the best traits of both Persian and Burmese cat breeds.

The Burmilla is a crossbreed between a female Burmese and a male Chinchilla Persian. The two cats’ accidental mating resulted to this breed. It has a striking resemblance to a Burmese, except that the Burmilla has a silver-white coat color that is usually dappled with a contrasting shade such as black, blue, lilac, caramel, apricot, blue tortie, and lilac tortie. We also have a Burmilla for sale that is chocolate-tipped. Since it has Chinchilla Persian in its bloodline, its coat can either be a shorthair or a longhair. Though it tends to shed a lot of hair, it is not difficult to groom as it only requires brushing at least one time a week. Nevertheless, the striking physical attribute of Burmilla kittens is the dark outline around their green eyes. People usually notice this breed and are amazed that Burmillas seem to wear eyeliner.

In terms of personality, our Burmilla kittens for sale possess some of the finest characteristics of Persian and Burmese cats. They are sweet and affectionate, but more sociable compared to the regal Persian breed. Moreover, Burmilla kittens are playful even when they mature, but they are not as demanding as the Burmese breed when it comes to the attention of their owner. With its average level of energy, we have a Burmilla for sale that can keep you company whether you are single or have a family of your own, young or elderly. This kind of pet is not difficult to introduce to your guests and other household pets.

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