Devon Rex Kittens for Sale

Devon Rex kittens are known for their pixie look. They have unique features as manifested by their big ears, the strange shape of their head, and their curly coat that these kittens tend to shed as they develop. Even so, they shed less hair as compared to other cat breeds. Their less shedding is the reason why some people regard this breed as hypoallergenic. But of course, it will still depend on the allergy level of a person.

According to history, Devon Rex is the product of an accidental mating of a feral curly coated male cat with a straight-haired female cat. This breed inherited the curly coat that has a wide range of colors and patterns, some of which are solid, shaded, calico, tortoiseshell, and tabby.

If you are interested to have an indoor cat, we have a Devon Rex for sale that is perfect for you. If you prefer a female kitten, we have a female brown tabby bicolor Devon Rex for sale. We also have a brown classic tabby male that is already neutered. You can take your pick from our list of Devon Rex kittens for sale.

Devon Rex kittens are extremely intellectual because they can learn different tricks without difficulty. They are also curious as they always tend to get fascinated by the things around them. On top of these, our Devon Rex kittens for sale are by nature affectionate. They are very warm and friendly, even to other household pets. And because they have less insulating coat, expect to find them curled up in your lap or snuggled under your bed cover.

When it comes to grooming a Devon Rex, you will be happy to hear that this breed is a low maintenance because it only needs occasional ear cleaning, quick shampoo, and nail trimming.

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