Egyptian Mau Kittens for Sale

If you want a cat breed that epitomizes vigor, wit, beauty, and speed, you might want to take a closer look at our list of Egyptian Mau kittens for sale.

Aside for its bizarre overall features, the large gooseberry-green eyes of every Egyptian Mau never failed to enchant every cat lovers, experienced owners or not.

The average weight of an Egyptian Mau ranges from seven to nine pounds. Because they are very faithful to their owners, our Egyptian Mau kittens for sale expect your undivided attention and dedication. Meaning, they will appreciate if they are the only pets around your house. Egyptian Mau kittens are very alert and athletic, traits which they must have taken from their ancestor Cheetah. With the 30 miles per hour speed that this cat breed can run, it is regarded as the fastest among the domestic cats. Since they love jumping and climbing, Egyptian Mau kittens will be happy to have a tall cat tree. Even through a standing position, they can actually jump off from up to six feet as they mature. Apart from this, they also enjoy spending time playing with water.

You will get to know the emotions of our Egyptian Mau for sale through the different sounds this cat breed creates. As pets, they are very sharp and curious as evident in how fast they can learn a trick.

The main asset of our Egyptian Mau for sale is its spotted coat that has various shades of silver, bronze, or smoke. Their coat is their best trait because they are the only cat breed that has a natural spot even on the skin. Their silky coat is of low maintenance. Egyptian Maus with mixture of coat colors, such as blue silver, blue smoke, or blue spotted, are not qualified for showing. Nevertheless, they still have the same excellent qualities like the other Egyptian Maus, thus making them outstanding pets, too.

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Egyptian Mau
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