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Honey pie

Breed:Himalayan Kittens
Age:1 Yr and 7 Mths
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Updated on:9/9/2017
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Name:Lynn S.
Location:Ottawa, ON K1B 5B6
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ATTENTION AMERICANS DREAMZ now offer kittens to the STATES in CANADIAN FUNDS this gives you a very great discount when buying a kitten as a pet or breeder / show. The discount is about 20 now so an example is if we have a Canadian pet price of $700 your discount would be about $140. However we do need to charge shipping in most cases unless you can drive up to the crossing. We only breed DNA tested stock negative for PKD our babies run free in our home for a much more well adjusted baby and much more loving. We have never had any heart issues in our line even our vet is amazed as many longhair lines do. However we do also have a guarantee for any proven hereditary condition. Babies can be registered in either or both the CFA CCA. Our pedigrees are to die for many with 3 rare Grand Champions Chocolates at the front of their pedigree. Kittens are out of Champion Grand Champion and Canadian National top winning stock. We are the home of SMGC DREAMZ DREAM BEAU a Blue Lynx point Canadas number 5 in show season 2009-2010 the highest scoring Himalayan and the home of SMGC DREAMZ POSIEDON a Chocolate point Canadas number 3 in show season 2012-2013 plus the highest scoring Himalayan and winner of 7 Best of shows wins. As well as these 2 we have also produced Canadas number 1 Nonpointed Himalayan a Chocolate Tabby in 2009. We are one of Canadas top Himalayan breeders. Weve also produced a few 2 show Grands one was even the rare Chocolate Tabby. Now l ask you why would you go to someone who just carries our line when you can get a true Dreamz baby of your own. Persian Kitten Colors - chocolate lilac bicolor Himalayan in various color points. Our prices are determined on our pets depending on their age and if they are one of our rare coloured babies. Breeder / Show babies with breeding rights are higher.Come check our site at dreamz-himalayans.com