Japanese Bobtail Kittens for Sale

Energetic, playful, lively, and charming are just some of the words that are synonymous to the Japanese Bobtail. This cat breed traced back its origin in Japan. With its oval-shaped eyes, it naturally shows an oriental look. It also has a brawny look, with its back legs a bit longer than its front. With this kind of leg structure, they can jump, leap, and run in speed. Its tail that can be both firm and flexible is also another one of a kind distinction of Japanese Bobtail as evident by its tail’s one or more curves, angles, kinks, or any mixture of these. If you want to own an oriental-looking cat with distinct features, you can choose from the wide array of our Japanese Bobtail kittens for sale.

The coat of the Japanese Bobtail kittens can be classified as shorthair and longhair. The longhaired ones have ruff around their neck, lengthy fur on their belly, as well as longer hair on its tail and britches. Nevertheless, both lengths do not have much undercoat which makes its grooming a hassle-free task. So if you consider buying a pet that only requires a minimal time for grooming, you can have a glance at our Japanese Bobtail kittens for sale.

Japanese Bobtail kittens are also acknowledged by their tricolor calico pattern that is often referred to as “mi-ke” or three-fur. Aside from this, they are also recognized by other colors such as black, white, and red. Their patterns, on the other hand, appear in solid colors, tortoiseshell, and spotted, mackerel, or classic tabby. We also have an available black smoke and white Japanese Bobtail for sale.

If you prefer to have a pet that can mingle with the whole family members, our Japanese Bobtail for sale might be your perfect match. This cat breed is intelligent enough to master every trick you teach. It can easily adapt to its environment and appreciates being part of a large family.

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