Korat Kittens for Sale

You will easily fall in love with a Korat if you want a cat to pet on your lap. Korat got its name from a place in Thailand where it was discovered. As soon as you laid eyes on this cat breed, your attention will definitely be captured by its unique features.

Korat kittens have large green eyes and silver-tipped blue coat. During its birth, the color of this cat breed’s eyes is the shade of blue; but as it grows older, its color becomes amber with a touch of green. This will eventually turn into bright green—the same color that people admire so much. The coat color of the Korat kittens is light blue; at the end of the hairs is a silver tip shade that takes in light. Because of this, it seems to give off the look of a halo.

If you have an allergy but want to have a kitten, our Korat for sale might be your answered prayer. Since the coat of our Korat kittens for sale is short and single, their hair does not shed easily. Therefore, there will be no reason for you not to stroke or pet your kitten.

Our Korat kittens for sale are also prominent because of their heart-shaped head. It has been said that this cat breed features five heart-shapes: first, its head; then, on top of its head. The shape of its nose covers the third one. Its chest when in sitting position is also heart in shape. And the last, of course, is the heart organ itself.

If you want to own a pet as precious as this cat breed, you can select from our Korat for sale list. As soon as you have this pet, you will discover that it is not only unique in its appearance, but also in its strong ability to smell, see, and hear.

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