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Hailed from a small island called Isle of Man located in the Irish Sea, the Manx breed is known for its hunting abilities and qualities that may apply to a dog. Instead of acquiring a dog to watch over your household, this breed can assume responsibility as your “watchcat”. If you consider having one, you may choose among our list of Manx for sale. These cat breeds are alert; they are quick to react to a sound, or any scene that they consider dangerous or posing threat. They snarl or show aggression to anything or anyone whom they thought might jeopardize your household’s security. On the other hand, if the Manx sees you unworried, it is fast as well to simmer down.

Manx kittens are deemed remarkable because of its lack of tails. These are known as rumpies. Risers, on the other hand, are those with just a rise of bone for a tail. But of course, there are also some Manx kittens that have tails with normal length; and they are called longies. We also have Manx kittens for sale that have short tails; these are referred to as stumpies.

Despite their hunting skills which are taught on them at an early age, our Manx for sale should not be mistaken as having a hot-tempered quality. Although they have the instinct to protect their owners, they are very affectionate and good-tempered during ordinary situations. They actually find happiness in tagging along with their owners and meeting new faces. Our Manx kittens for sale, unlike other cat breeds, know to follow instructions. They treat their owners with respect, especially if you ask them to behave or for instance, stop scratching your couch. You can also devise a reward system on them by giving them favors once they accomplished what you have told them to do.

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