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MiniPi Mini-Pie

Breed:Munchkin Kittens
Age:1 Year
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Updated on:12/31/2016
Contact Info
Name:Angela O.
Location:Surprise, AZ 85374
Minipi is actually a Bambino which is a hairless Munchkin. She is also a micro meaning shell stay kitten sized. At three months old shes not even a pound yet. Another unique feature is that Minipi has one blue eye and one green eye With all these unique traits the best part of her is her personality. Minipi is incredibly smart confident playful and sweet. Shes a gentle soul and loves chasing a fly playing fetch with a catnip mouse or hide-n-go seek. She can do everything a big cat can do. She flies up the cat tree crawls up onto my shoulder or pulls on the collar of my shirt when she wants to crawl in for some cuddles. Minipi is a one-of-a-kind. I doubt shell reach two pounds fully grown. She comes with a written health guarantee. If youre out of state Ill fly her to you using the most economical airfare I can find.