Vaniers Silver Mystique

Breed:Persian Kittens
Age:8 Weeks
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Updated on:8/4/2020
Contact Info
Name:Laurie L.
Location:Argyle, TX 76226
Vaniers Silver Mystique is a Shaded Silver male. He will have exquisite emerald eye color as he matures. This picture at a very young age shows good black eye liner nose leathers. Lots of changes I expect for this boy hell be gorgeous. Kittens stay at Vanier until they are independent to leave approximately 11 weeks. Prior to leaving he will have vaccinations up to date vet checked and a Letter of Health by Durant Animal Hospital. Vaniers contract guarantees the life of the kitten against congenital defects for 2 years. Pay Pal accepted. Transporter available to drive within the state of Texas or fly pet in cabin for a fee. Please review my website at or Established Grooming business owner in Argyle TX experienced CFA breeder of Persians.