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Beware of Scammers Please carefully read description.

Breed:Scottish Fold Kittens
Age:1 Yr and 8 Mths
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Updated on:5/28/2018
Contact Info
Name:Miza P.
Location:Orlando, FL 34747
ATTENTION . . Beware of scams. There are many scams which make it difficult to find a real kitten. The first sign of a scam is a listing consisting of only one photo and a price that is too good to be true for this quality. The second sign is photos of kittens with different ages breeds and quality from same seller that are listed with the same price and age. The third sign is an identical photo having different descriptions such as female in one ad and male in another. The fourth sign is you can see the same phone number of the seller with many kittens from one state but also has many kittens from other states Scammers have used my personal photos on their ads. Be aware of exact same photos with different descriptions. If you interested i can always prove it. Scammers will NEVER show you more photos or videos of kittens with their parents. Scammers will NEVER allow you to FaceTime to see the kittens live.