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SurMichaels Birmans, located in the picturesque region of Roanoke, VA, is a dedicated CFA registered cattery specializing in the majestic Birman breed. With a passion that began in Georgia, I have immersed myself in the world of Birmans for over 14 years. The journey started with my beloved Birman companion of 21 years whose legacy inspired my cattery's inception. Each kitten raised in my cattery is a testament to quality over quantity, with health and temperament being top priorities. All our furry babies are lovingly reared in my own bedroom, ensuring they develop outstanding temperaments. At four months old, each kitten receives all necessary shots and health certificates from a trusted veterinarian before finding their forever homes. If you are seeking a healthy and well-socialized Birman companion, SurMichaels Birmans is where your search ends. Blessed by God's grace, each kitten is a precious gem awaiting a loving home. Contact Michael Surber today to welcome one of these exquisite creatures into your life.

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