Colton - Rare White Balinese

8 Yrs and 2 Mths $1,000

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This boy is super talkative very outgoing playful and affectionate He is slightly cross-eyed. On September 7th we were disappointed to learn that Colton didnt pass a hearing test so we have good reason to assume that he is totally deaf. However we were reassured that Colton can live a normal life as an indoor cat with the exception that noises dont wake him up. His sense of touch and vibration is very keen and he responds instantly. Due to his hearing impairment we have dropped his price significantly and we are actively looking for him a home where the family has some background with deafness in pets. We prefer that he goes to a home with his sibling Shelby. Colton has been neutered and microchipped. We prefer not to ship him All inquires about Colton should be by telephone. Many more pictures of Colton can be seen on our website Please use a computer and not a cell phone for this and open the Available Kittens page. Our kittens come with 30 days of pet health insurance so that if anything medically goes wrong with them in that time period the insurance company covers the entire vet bill after the first $250 deductible. You are welcome to stay on the plan for a nominal fee with no wait periods. Its effective immediately To our knowledge none of our kittens have ever needed a claim filed but its a peace of mind to have in case something should occur. We guarantee our kittens healthy There is a one year health guarantee. We have never needed to honor one but again its a peace of mind to know that we stand behind our kittens 100 Thai Dee Maew typically caters to affluent and well-educated clients who are typically lawyers doctors business owners and professors who do a great deal of research online before making such a serious decision as bringing a new pet into the family. They take this very seriously indeed We do NOT cater to people who shop around just asking for prices We are available on facebook where you can chat with people whove bought kittens from us and hear their testimonials. Our kittens come with a life-time of breeder support We answer our calls and expect to be the first ones contacted in case of any emergency or concern that may occur. These kittens are not raised in cages. When old enough they are given the freedom of a whole bedroom which is big enough for them to run play and climb but not so big that they can go too far from mom and get hurt All of our kittens go home with a large welcome bag full of toys food nail clippers treats information booklets a blanket that smells like home a Lil Pals brush safety harness with leash health record a microchip implanted by a veterinarian and a complementary free vet exam. All kittens are treated with Revolution at 8 weeks of age to prevent parasites fleas ticks and mites. Ask us about homeopathic nosodes that we use to protect our kittens from ALL feline viruses. Please visit our website and read the information we have posted there before sending us a message or calling.

Offered by: Lisa Y. Waterford, MI

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